Winery Project

Products of Grapes
The 4,000 farmers in Cumbum Valley, Tamil Nadu produces 90,000 tonnes of Muscat Grapes and 10,000 tonnes of Thomson Seedless Grapes. Grapes are also grown in Theni, Dindugul, Palani and Coimbatore There is a scope for establishment of Cold storage facilities, logistics network, and processing facilities to increase the farm gate prices. In this context, Government of Tamil Nadu has approved the proposal of TIDCO for establishing a Winery and Distillery Unit in Cumbum and Nilakottai areas vide G.O.Ms. No.61 Industries (MIE 1) Department dt. 9-7-2002.

Winery Policy of State Government:
Government of Tamil Nadu vide its G.O.Ms. No.79 dt.9-11-2006 has issued a Notification on Tamil Nadu Wine Manufacture Rules 2006 for regulating manufacture of wine.

National Policy on Wine Industry: The concessions/incentives/subsidies grants etc. are extended to “Wine Industry” at par with Food Processing industries viz. project subsidy of Rs.50 lakhs/wine unit . Reimbursement of Rs.10 lakhs per year towards procurement of grapes grant of Rs.4 crores / wine park for creation of common facilities by the Ministry of Food processing industries, Government of India.

TIDCO’s Initiative
TIDCO proposes to establish wine making units in association with private sector. The prospective entrepreneurs may like to contact Thiru B. Ramakrishnan, General Manager, TIDCO for further details at Cell No. 9444448994.

IT Park
Tamilnadu was one of the first states in the Indian Union to formulate a comprehensive IT policy.
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A policy was introduced on 1.4.2000 for setting up of Special Economic Zones in the country
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