TANFLORA Infrastructure Park Ltd

Tanflora Infrastructure Park Limited, is a joint venture company of TIDCO & MNA & Associates, established at Amudagondapally village, Hosur, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. The project is conceived to be one of the largest production facilities for cut roses in the world, with a total production capacity of 67.5 million roses per annum. The project is a co-operative farming concept developed on the lines of Aggrexco of Israel. It is divided into 25 grower units of 2 hectares each, while the centralised common infrastructure is developed, owned and operated by Tanflora. All the 25 grower units have been allotted to 25 individual companies. Besides Tanflora has also got 1.5 hectares of own production facilities and proposes to expand to 5 hectares. Tanflora is the country’s first Agri Export Zone for Cut Flowers. Government of Tamil Nadu had supported the project by providing funds under ASIDE Scheme for developing infrastructure. APEDA, Ministry of Commerce provided financial assistance for establishment of post harvest facilities. National Horticulture Board provided capital subsidy to the growers.

The roses grown by the growers are collected and processed in the post harvest facilities of Tanflora, packed and marketed under the brand name of Tanflora, primarily exported to Europe, Australia, Middle East, Far East and Japan. Also due to increase in domestic market, good quantities of flowers are sold in domestic market mainly in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. The sale proceeds are shared in the ratio of 70:30 on FOB basis between the growers and Tanflora.

‘Taj Mahal’, symbol of love, is a new rose variety, exclusively owned and grown by Tanflora worldwide, having obtained the rights from a French breeder. The company is also in the process of producing exclusively a new variety of rose viz. ‘Kohinoor’ jewel of India, on similar lines of Taj Mahal.

The common infrastructure established by Tanflora includes:

  • About 80,000 sq.ft. of grading hall, including 19,000 sq.ft of Cold Room Facilities which can handle about 95 million stems per annum.
  • Water storage steel tanks imported from Holland (10 in number) having capacity of 7.33 lakh litres per tank.
  • Rainwater harvesting facilities (10 tanks) with a total storage capacity of 150 million litres, out of which 3 ponds with a total capacity of about 70 million litres are provided with pond liners from Israel.
  • About 8 km length of black top internal roads and about 16 km length of storm water drains.
  • Nursery with a capacity of 5 lakh plants per annum and the project started making plants, selling locally as well as exporting the planting material.
For further details visit  www.tanflora.com

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